“Feedback has been extremely positive about last night’s training – ‘One colleague even described it as “life changing”.         Andy Backwell, Head of 6th Form, Malmesbury School

“It was an extremely valuable day.  Very, very worthwhile.  It has given us lots of ideas we can take back to school. It has tightened up our ideas about how we can inspire our children to be more aspirational and how we can give them a reason for being at school and a reason for learning. We have really enjoyed the practical approach taken during the sessions and it has provided us with a very clear picture of how to use career related learning in school.” Head Teacher,  Brinkworth School.”

“Thanks you so much for the excellent inset training last Friday. It has certainly created a buzz around the staffroom. It was a real eye-opener.”    Assistant Headteacher, South Wilts Grammar School

“Your training was very professional, very informative and very interactive.  I am going home so much more confident.    Head of  House, John of Gaunt School

 “I found today really useful.  The structure of the day was great; it took us through in stages and the strategies you used kept us focused.   Now that I have been given the 1:1 interviewing skills it will have a big impact on the quality of the advice and guidance our students receive.”   Careers Coordinator, Lavington School

 “I found today extremely valuable.  I came in the morning not realising what I did not know, and now I feel very confident in my ability to guide students.   I would like to think that what I have learnt today will have a big impact upon the quality of what I do.”  Assistant Headteacher St Laurence School 

“The day was really interactive and it has given me a lot of confidence.  It has also shown me where I need to improve.  It was fun but serious at the same time.”  Non-teaching pastoral manager, Kingdown School

 “I came today with all sorts of reservations.  This has course has been fantastic.  I have just been given a pastoral role within the school and this course has empowered me and made me feel I can do it.  I feel really enthusiastic.” Pastoral support manager, Clarendon College

“It was great to take time out of school and be reminded that what we do in the classroom is all about careers.  This course was useful to make that real in the classroom.  It was so important to realise that aspiration, awareness of opportunities and achievement all work together.”  Year 6 Teacher, St Osmonds

“It was a really valuable day – good speakers, good company.  I have been inspired and been given lots of ideas for the classroom.  It is going to make a big difference to my teaching.”  Year 6 Teacher, Winterbourne Earl

“It was a really useful day especially in terms of my work with lower ability students.  It has made me drill everything back down to aspiration to achieve in the classroom.  I have been encouraged to think about children, where they are at with their aspirations, and how a lack of aspiration can get in the way of achieving.  It really brought it to back to me about what education is for, it is for the pupils and for helping them take control of their future” KS2 Lead teacher All Cannings



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