AS and A Level Booster Sessions

AS and A level Ethics.

An enrichment session for students studying AS or A2 Ethics.

AS:  16th November 2013 and 24th January 2014

  A2:   15th November 2013 and 25th January 2014

How long? A two day course (though you can choose to attend for only one day).

Where? Global Language Immersion Centre, Gloucester

Cost? £45 (+VAT) per day per student, including lunch

Religion - Learning ModelWhat? The course is designed for students studying A Level Ethics as part of the Religious Studies specification. The purpose of the course is to prepare students for the examination by considering:

• The key elements of core topics which will need to be covered in the exam. • Key points in good essays in these topics. • How to ensure good AO2 answers. • How students can best prepare for the exam.

Topics covered include: • Utilitarianism • Situation Ethics • Relativism. • Natural Moral Law • Kantian Ethics • War and Peace • Meta ethics

Who? Andy Midwinter is a highly experienced AS and A Level examiner. He has marked numerous Philosophy and Ethics papers for examination boards. He is also an experienced and effective teacher. He has run a variety of successful residential courses for A Level students. As an A level teacher 4 of his students achieved marks which paced them in the top 10 of the country (over 3 years). His students always achieved the highest value added scores in the school at A Level.

Why? What previous students and teachers have said:

“The students really gained a lot from this course; not least of all what examiners are looking for in A Level essays. I have seen a significant improvement in the quality of essays amongst those who attended the course.” Teacher from Chew Valley School

“I learnt so much. I wish I had gone to this course before I did my AS level, I might be applying for different universities.” Katie from Hardenuish School

“The course was really interesting and it brought things ‘together’ for me. I am so glad I decided to come- I wasn’t sure before. I am so grateful to my teachers for persuading me, I learnt soooo much.” Kyle from Kingdown School

“It was really good fun. We learnt tons, but had fun while we were doing it.” Student from Chew Valley School