Ofsted Training

Course designed to make sure you feel confident your school is best placed to make the most of the inspection. All these courses are run by experienced Ofsted lead inspectors, who lead training across the country.

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These courses are designed to ensure the quality of the careers provision in your school. The courses currently planned include new approaches to career learning and training for tutors.

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Courses for A Level Students

A number of courses are planned to support students achieve the best grade they can achieve in their Philosophy and Ethics A Level.

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The Raising Aspiration and Awareness Curriculum in the Primary School

According to research by the NfER, the impact on schools which undertook the Raising Aspiration and Awareness Curriculum, was the following:

• “marked improvement in attendance, attainment and punctuality“
• “significant impact on children’s own learning & development”
• “students became more self directed”
• “raised pupils’ aspirations for the future and extended their horizons about what they could do in the future, for instance: Pupils eligible for Free School Meals …showed a significant increase in confidence in their ability to do a professional level job in the future.”

We have found that that the programme had a positive impact upon the children’s current attitudes and values. It made learning more relevant and so improved attitudes to learning. It has also had an impact upon their attitudes to their own future and widened their horizons.